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    The Vehicle Body Repair Experts

        Fully Guaranteed

        Our body repair work is guaranteed. We pride ourselves in achieving the highest quality standard of body repair to all vehicles that pass through our workshops.

        Smart Repairs

        We don’t just repair crash damaged vehicles, we also carry out small smart repairs. Those annoying bodywork dings that happen in car parks etc.

        Trade and Private

        Thousands of trade and private customers can’t be wrong over the years.
        We offer incredible service and value with all our body repairs.

        The Car Bodyshop Specialists

        At Pritchards Bodyshop we know how important it is to offer a first-class accident repair service – that’s why we find ourselves recommended time and time again.

        It is also the reason for customers returning to us from all over Surrey and Hampshire. 

        With our wealth of experience and knowledge in the car / vehicle bodyshop business, we specialise in crash damage and accident repair work for insurance, public and trade alike. 

        With our fully trained technical team and facilities, we will repair your vehicle to such a high standard that it will be as good as it was before the accident happened, and all of our work is guaranteed.

        Get the 5 star vehicle accident repair service

        A Leading Vehicle Accident Repair Centre

        We are a reliable accident repair centre and car body repair specialists in Hampshire near the Surrey border – You can trust Pritchards Bodyshop to carry out an extensive range of vehicle repair services to your vehicle.

        We cover every aspect of vehicle accident body repair in the Alton area.  No job is too small or too large; we cater for small vehicle repairs, right through to extensive chassis damage and carry out repairs on all makes of car and light commercial vehicles.

        We utilise the recommended materials and repair methods, using factory approved techniques to ensure your vehicles warranty is not affected.

        Small Dents and Smart Repairs

        car Smart Repairs example

        We often are asked by customers if we can provide a quote for their insurance company to repair a small mystery dent that has appeared on their car.

        It happens, you park your pride and joy in a car park and whilst you are away someone crashes a shopping trolley into your car door leaving that un-explainable dent, often described as a ‘ding’.

        We often find that the customers insurance excess payment is more than the cost by us to repair the dent with our specialist knowledge and equipment while you wait!

        Just phone us to arrange a time to bring the car to our accident repair bodyshop in Alton, Hampshire and we will get one of our technicians to take a look at the dent. They will advise you there and then if it is repairable straight away and tell you how little it will cost to repair.

        If you like the price we quote, we will pull the dent out there and then while you wait or you can leave it with us and pick it up later that day.

        Because we have all of the specialist equipment and facilities, we can often repair dents at less that your insurance excess cost, therefore saving you money and keeping you driving!

        Smart Repairs by Smart Repair Experts

        Courtesy Cars

        Courtesy Cars

        We know having an accident is traumatic enough, but to be left without a car while yours is being repaired adds to the stress of it all.

        That is why we have a large fleet of courtesy cars available to any of our customers* even if your car insurance policy does not offer this service!

        Just ask us about a courtesy car when you are booking your car in for an accident repair


        Know your rights for a car accident repair

        Making a claim through your insurance?

        All you have to do is request Pritchards Garage as your preferred repairer to your insurer. If we are not already your insurers approved repair centre, the choice is still yours.

        Want your car or van to be repaired with us?

        No matter your insurer, your vehicle can still be accepted for repairs with us. With courtesy cars available, we can keep you on the road throughout the duration of repairs

        In July 1993, the Director General of Fair Trading asked insurance companies to clarify consumers rights under the terms of ‘approved’ or ‘recommended’ repairer schemes.

        These schemes take the form of a list of garages or a telephone helpline service to put accident victims in touch with a vehicle body repairer with which an insurer has a special relationship.

        Despite the Director General of Fair Trading’s request, insurance policy-holders still remain largely unaware of their right to have damaged vehicles repaired at a garage of their choice, providing the chosen garage operates to industry standards and that repair costs can be satisfactorily agreed.

        In such circumstances an insurance engineer’s inspection of the damaged vehicle may be requested before repairs can be authorised, but any necessary inspection should be arranged promptly in order to minimise delays in repairs.

        The following is an extract from an article published in the Daily Telegraph.

        “Around 75% of all car accident repairs are controlled by insurers through their call centres. They send policyholders’ cars for repairs to “approved” garages that they, the insurers, have chosen to be on their networks. This enables insurers to dictate the level, quality and cost of service to be provided to their own customers.”

        “Consumers might think that insurance company “approval” means that repair shops have the correct skills and equipment to undertake proper and safe repairs. While it is true that repairers have to get the right tick in the box before selection, little of that information pertains to their technical skills and equipment. This is simply not good enough in a world where cars and repair equipment are becoming ever more complex.”.

        We are able to provide a body repair and claims services for all makes of vehicle and in addition can:-

        • Ensure top quality service at all times with priority scheduling to get your vehicle back on the road with the minimum amount of disruption.
        • Provide a FREE replacement car for the duration of the repairs, (for fully comprehensive insurance customers, terms and conditions apply).
        • Provide an assurance that the highest standards of workmanship will be maintained at all times through comprehensive steps at every stage of the repair process.
        • Arrange for the collection and delivery of your vehicle, if required.
        • Provide you with a fully priced written estimate before work begins.
        • Provide on the spot help and advice to deal with your insurance claim.
        • All work guaranteed to manufacturers specification.